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I have had the pleasure of working for and with Burberry from 2013 to 2016, where I have learned my first set of skills in luxury fashion and luxury retail business. It was a little alien and strange to have been the only person with the headscarf during my time. However, I have worked with one of the best teams who were supportive, welcoming and friendly. I made great friends whom I am still friends with. Of course it wasn’t all rainbow and sunshine across those three years, but that’s natural and stands true to any work environment.

Some of my role included training in-house staff on company products, creating presentation aligned with company guidelines, one-to-one staff training to help improve sales & figures and managing beauty stock, sales, figures and reports. Analyse sales reports and data. Part of my role was to coordinate in-store PR, organise beauty in-store events, hosting beauty refreshers and cultivating guests/clients. Achieved highest Client Value Relations (CVR & CRM) score in London (57%).

I’ve learned so much about the Burberry trench coat and cashmere scarves, that it has left an imprint. Luckily I was able to utilise all my skills across different roles and it encouraged me to learn more about the fashion industry by taking up a Masters of Arts degree in Strategic Fashion Marketing.

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