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I’ve started blogging at the age of 21 in 2010, utilising as a platform to showcase my creativity. The intentions were to merely show what I love, what relates to my lifestyle as a muslim woman and how I dress. There wasn’t a masterplan behind it, I didn’t think much of it. I was in my second year of university doing my bachelors degree.

Somehow, two years later, it became bigger than I have anticipated, took a direction that seemed accidental and coincidental rather than planned. I kept going with it, as I was exploring possibilities of what I would like to do career wise. I enjoyed doing editorials, I had a thrill of meeting new people, I have discovered new communities and I made new friends. It was all exciting…until it wasn’t.

Up until 2014, I’ve been consistent, I decided to create a self-named label and focus more on that. I’m sure we’ve all been at a place where we thought we had a passion for something. That was my place then, I thought I loved designing, creating and selling beautifully hand crafted scarves. I put all my love and time to it, I’ve developed my skills and learned new valuable lessons. I’ve discovered a different side to fashion and that drew me into doing my masters in strategic fashion marketing. I won’t go over this again and again and again, you can see a summary of my academic, work and career progress all on this website.

This post is a mark of my new direction that I hope you will join me on. Exploring endless possibilities with full purpose. I am not a blogger, not an influencer, not a social media phenomena or someones who’s intending to head towards those directions. I am writer, an editor and I am simply here to share my voice and voices similar to mine (or not). I am here to celebrate what it’s like being a woman. Women of Islam, of colour, of race, of culture, of age, of size and of all kind of experiences.

Words | Zinah Nur Sharif
Photography | Jihan Nur Sharif

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