Zinah Nur Sharif

Knowing oneself can be difficult at the best of times. I can’t simplify who I am in a short paragraph, but I won’t bore anyone with my life story on here either. So I’ll keep it ambiguous of who I really am and merely focus on what I do.

I have been working in the luxury fashion industry for over six years now. It never seizes to amaze and bewilder me simultaneously. I worked across the creative division and transitioned to the business side of the industry (all thanks to my Masters Degree in Strategic Fashion Marketing). I’ve had great experiences working for my favourite super brands and really get to know the business and retail structure of them. Besides being surrounded by beautiful products, I am more astonished by the consistency in branding, the innovations and reinventions of each brand (Burberry, Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior Couture). That’s just a sum up of where I am currently standing career wise.

Five long years ago I used to blog, run my business and write. All at the same time, it used to give me a thrill. I used to do it 7 days a week for 5 years. Followed by a journey of rediscovering myself. I made the conscious decision to step away from the internet and social media for as long as I needed; a whole year of no social media! My focus has shifted ever since. I crave depth, meaning and knowledge more than I used to. I read books after books, travel endlessly and watch documentaries on anything that intrigues my mind. It’s been a whirlwind of adventures and I have had the privilege to experience it all outside the virtual public eyes.

You may notice that my social media pages are pretty much empty, my formal blog privatised and not much about me online. That is because I would finally like to separate my personal self with my public work. I am now in a circus called The Zirkus.