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This was a collaborative work with The Telegraph, unveiling the subject of Modest Fashion in a video format. My monologue can be seen in the first half of the film. Meet the influencers bringing modest fashion to the mainstream MODEST FASHION from Emma Nichols on Vimeo. From high-end designers to bloggers and vloggers, in this film, we speak to the influencers who are presenting modest-inspired clothing such as the hijab, the abaya, the burka and the burkini in a new and exciting light. With designer fashion houses including Dolce & Gabbana and DKNY and high street staples Zara and Mango all releasing bespoke modest fashion collections, the integration of the movement into the mainstream is opening doors for leading innovators in the industry. More on  


To Veil Growing up in a European village where I naturally stood out due to my race, people treated me differently and saw me differently. Somehow in their ignorant minds, they could not grasp that there are different races in this colourful world and it bewildered them even more when I started wearing the hijab. It was quiet an experience having to face those kind of people, being asked questions I myself didn’t have answers to back then, getting teased by school kids and starred at by strangers. I knew I was different due to my appearance, but I never understood how I was made to feel different due to my character and personality, when in reality I was just like any other average kid. It vexed me how people had the sense to prejudge me due to a piece of cloth before I even opened my mouth. Of course, in due time I have learned that the hijab is more than a mere piece of cloth; it carries symbolism of religion, culture and even …


Interview for Muslim Beauty  JET SET BEAUTY | ZINAH NUR SHARIF Where do I begin? I feel as though any way I introduce Zinah Nur Sharif wouldn’t do enough justice to capture her essence – she is effortlessly cool, steal-her-entire-wardrobe kinda stylish and if I were forced to mention just one thing I love about Zinah, it would be that she is just a breath of fresh air. In the years I’ve worked with and have been friends with her, I’ve come to find that there are very few people out there with the same work ethic, determination, passion and creativity as Zinah; spend a day with her and I’m willing to wager that you’ll leave buzzing and inspired! Read more here. Words | Hafsa Issa-Salwe and Zinah Nur Sharif Photography | Jihan Nur Sharif


This was an article for the Sunday Times Style magazine, where I was interviewed to comment on beauty and hijab. The Modesty Maze Some of the best beauty blogs are by Muslim women. We ask how they reconcile make-up and the hijab Muslim beauty blogs are on the rise, their posts tackling, among other things, how young British Muslim women reconcile wearing the hijab, or headscarf, with beauty and cosmetics. “I find it confusing,” says the Muslim comedian Shazia Mirza, who doesn’t wear a hijab. “How can women cover their hair as a sign of modesty and then plaster their face in make-up? You’re either modest or you’re Rihanna. You can’t have it both ways.” Read more on here. Words | Zinah Nur Sharif Photography | Zakaria Nur Sharif


For Marie Claire April 2015 print issue (now also on the website)  Blending fashion, faith and feminism in empowering new ways, meet the women redefining their religions for a new generation Abstract: Religion is in rapid decline among young people, with only 25 per cent of 16-24-year-olds in Britain saying they believe in God. But millennials of different faiths are galvanising the need for cultural innovation, to ensure their religions remain relevant in an ever-changing world by redefining their religions. There are pop-up kosher restaurants like London’s Kosher Roast, and the ‘Mipsterz’ movement – ‘hipster Muslims’ using make-up and accessories to challenge the view that the hijab is a symbol of oppression. Elsewhere, style blogs including Hijab Style, Muslimah Beauty, Church Girl Chic and Jewish blog Fabologie offer tips on how to conform to modesty with style – and they are attracting thousands of hits every week. Read more here


Dior article for Aquila Style April 2013 The ‘Dior at Harrods’ exhibition, which wrapped up on Sunday, is a wonderland of Dior’s instantly recognisable colour scheme of grey and white – a theme of ‘French Savoir Faire and British Charm’. It took 18 months to put together, with the creators putting their hearts and souls into showcasing the House of Dior’s history and fashion highlights. The exhibition tells the history behind the fashion house, including the love Christian Dior had for flowers and how the well-known perfume ‘Miss Dior’ came about. A brief history of the notorious Lady Dior handbag, including footage of how it is made, is on display. There’s a whole section dedicated to Princess Margaret (Countess of Snowdon and sister to Queen Elizabeth II), with photographs of her dressed in Dior, not to mention a truly stunning blown up image of the Princess in a Dior ball gown. Although the exhibition is fairly small for such a prestigious fashion house, it still does Dior justice, especially that Harrods is now fully decorated …


Asalamu Alaikum Everyone   I don’t know if anyone is reading my blog, but I do hope that at least someone out there is reading it inshallah…I had one comment…from my sister, that doesn’t count right? I know its just a start and the topics I have posted about aren’t really exciting, but I am working on it 😉   Ramadan is coming soon inshallah, the 11th of August 2010. I hope everyone is as excited as I am 😀 its such an amazing month in many ways. Inshallah, I will be posting about the noble obligations of Ramadan, fasting, recipes of food for breaking the fast, dua’s and many more.   For now, keep reading my (hopefully) exciting posts about Islam and Women in Islam 🙂   Love and Peace


Asalamu Alaikum Everyone As we all know that entertainment for Muslims must be permissible and in a way that does not interfere with our religion. You all know that watching films is one way to keep yourself entertained… Now days films aren’t really classified as ‘clean’ for Muslims and by that I mean films with haram content, such as women not dressed modest, bad language etc (I hope you know what I mean). So therefore, it is not really easy to chose a film to watch in the cinemas…Obviously we all watch the trailers beforehand and can ‘assume’ what to expect…But to be safe, I recommend Muslims to watch ‘U’ films.   Yes I know, all of it are children films and animations, but safe! You will not be worried about seeing something haram and you can watch it with anyone, your family and your friends.   Anyway, please do feel free to correct me, if I wrote anything wrong. I am not a sheikh or an Islamic scholar, but inshallah, I am hoping to …


24 JULY 2010  Hi everyone…my name is Zinah and I’m a graphic design student, currently in my second year (well not technically, but I’m starting my second year in september…). Anyway, this is the first time I’m blogging, and this is my first post ever! I’ve seen blogs, I’ve read couple of blogs, but I never thought of creating my own blog, until today, really…My inspiration: Julie& Julia…The movie…I just watched the movie couple of hours ago, and I really loved it! Meryl Streep is stunning and I loved her character Julia (not so sure if I’d love the real Julia…) it was just a bliss, and Amy Adams is always a sweetheart and she played her character Julie very well.   Now you may start to think, what on earth Julie& Julia has to do with this blog and if my blog will be about cooking…the answer to the first question is Julie ( I guess the Julie in the movie and the real Julie) inspired me to start my own blog and to …