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Japanese inspired collection by ZINAH Designed & tailored by Zinah Nur Sharif using silk chiffon, silk organza, satin silk, cotton and polyester. Styling | Zinah Nur Sharif Photography | Alessia Gammarota Photoshoot Assts | Jihan Nur Sharif, Noura Abdullahi I’ve somehow had an obsessive admiration for anything relating to Japan. So I’ve created a collection inspired by certain fabrics, colours and patterns connecting to orientalism. I have designed and made this collection during a time where I wanted to be acknowledge for my skills and creativity, rather than Muslim identity. I desperately wanted to be separated from my craft that I’ve failed to see the celebratory aspect of it all. At least my creativity flourished whilst I was on a journey of self-discovery.


Graphic Design work done during my Bachelors degree in Graphic Information Design at the University of Westminster between 2009-2012. My final project was an illustrated book version of ‘Life’s Little Instruction Book’ by H. Jackson Brown. The book includes 111 quotes, of which majority are illustrated. Giving simple instructions that allow the readers to utilise their time in different activities other than compulsive consumption. Materials: Adobe Photoshop CS5 & Adobe InDesign CS5


Fine Art for my A-Levels in 2008/2009 at William Ellis School, part of La Swap focusing on women in fine art. My final work was a symbolism of women’s mind, intellect and imagination. It’s meant to reflect that a woman is more than her body, hence the silhouette being black and the rest painted in colourfully in oil paint. Main materials used during my studies: Oil Paint, Black Ink, 4B Pencil The rest of my work reflects on forms and shapes that are distinctively feminine (the curves on the glass), political movements to silence the population and more colourful abstract oil paint work to distract viewer from the female head silhouette at the bottom corner.