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For Fashion Moodz Dior: Designer of Dreams at the V&A Abstract: If you have missed the Dior exhibition in Paris in 2017-18, then here’s a chance for you to explore the newest (but a lot smaller) exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum; Dior: Designer of Dreams. The exhibition encapsulates the history of the brand and explores the impact it had as one of the most significant couturiers in the 20thcentury to the present day. It is no coincidence that it’s held in London, as the exhibition also captures the relationship Dior had with Britain. Read more here. Photography and Words | Zinah Nur Sharif


My love for Christian Dior Couture is quite immense, I just had to join the company to build an experience and understanding. As previously mentioned, I based an entire masters unit on the brand and also based my research around Dior for my dissertation. I’ve attended three major exhibition, went to as many boutiques as possible and even watched Dior and I film thrice (in cinema and on Amazon Prime). I liked the general team spirit and liked most people I was working with. However, for me it was best to love it from a distance… I have been working at Christian Dior Couture since July 2017 and have managed to extend and develop my skills within luxury client service, operations, administrative, communication and organisation skills. During my annual PCR (within 4months of joining the business), I have exceeded my performance on certain aspects including UPT (1.45/1.35), scarves (£17,000/£16,000), exotics (15 units/3-4 units a month) and client capture rate (94%). A year within my role I have achieved £1 Million in sales and have won …


Dior article for Aquila Style April 2013 The ‘Dior at Harrods’ exhibition, which wrapped up on Sunday, is a wonderland of Dior’s instantly recognisable colour scheme of grey and white – a theme of ‘French Savoir Faire and British Charm’. It took 18 months to put together, with the creators putting their hearts and souls into showcasing the House of Dior’s history and fashion highlights. The exhibition tells the history behind the fashion house, including the love Christian Dior had for flowers and how the well-known perfume ‘Miss Dior’ came about. A brief history of the notorious Lady Dior handbag, including footage of how it is made, is on display. There’s a whole section dedicated to Princess Margaret (Countess of Snowdon and sister to Queen Elizabeth II), with photographs of her dressed in Dior, not to mention a truly stunning blown up image of the Princess in a Dior ball gown. Although the exhibition is fairly small for such a prestigious fashion house, it still does Dior justice, especially that Harrods is now fully decorated …