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Article for FashionMoodz Modest Elegance You may have come across the terminology ‘modesty’ or ‘modest fashion’. You probably have seen glimpses of articles mentioning the new boom of modest fashion. However, you may not have paid too much attention to it, as it’s generally used for a niche group of women within certain cultures and religions. This is where the origins and importance of modesty gets diluted; tying it to a specific group of people only. Though the word modesty can be used in different context, let’s look at it from a fashion’s perspective. Read more on here.


For Fashion Moodz Dior: Designer of Dreams at the V&A Abstract: If you have missed the Dior exhibition in Paris in 2017-18, then here’s a chance for you to explore the newest (but a lot smaller) exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum; Dior: Designer of Dreams. The exhibition encapsulates the history of the brand and explores the impact it had as one of the most significant couturiers in the 20thcentury to the present day. It is no coincidence that it’s held in London, as the exhibition also captures the relationship Dior had with Britain. Read more here. Photography and Words | Zinah Nur Sharif


For Fashion Moodz Small Pleasures: Fashion’s Simple Pieces Abstract: When it comes to fashion, we often focus on the grandiose and lavish pieces that are theme focused. They bring us great pleasure but in the next season we are yet again seeking another form of very large pleasures from new ‘it items’. Our focus shifts from one trend to another, pursuing a temporary thrill provided by those fashion pieces or trends. But while doing so, we are overlooking the small pleasures in fashion. The pieces that have a staple silhouette, have historical connotations and were once pioneering during their inceptions. The very pieces that will always remain timeless, classic and essential. Read more here.  Styling and Words | Zinah Nur Sharif Photography | Ty Faruki Makeup | Zinah Nur Sharif Model | Zinah Nur Sharif


For Fashion Moodz New Year: A Transparent Wardrobe Abstract: How often have you read « New Year, New Me » or something along the lines of refreshing your wardrobe? It’s great to have the motivation to refresh your wardrobe in a way befitting to you. But what’s more important is to invest in personal style with quality pieces that are also gentle to the planet. Sustainability is not just limited to how our clothes are produced, but also who makes them, where they come from and how ecological their disposal will be. Read more on here.  Styling and Words | Zinah Nur Sharif Photography | Ty Faruki Makeup | Safiyah M Model | Olivia Ancell (Body London)


For Fashion Moodz Fashioned by Nature: The V&A Exhibition Certain trends can shape the way we view fashion. It’s not necessarily always about aesthetic trends; it can be cultural, social, political and in this very case environmental. As you may have noticed certain brands are heading towards are more sustainable productions and operations. Gucci has banned the use of fur, Kering group brands are encouraged to use eco-friendly packaging & boutique interiors and now Chanel has followed suit by banning the use of exotic leather and fur. Sustainable and ethical fashion should not be a mere trend, but it is pressingly needed. Read more on here. 


My love for Christian Dior Couture is quite immense, I just had to join the company to build an experience and understanding. As previously mentioned, I based an entire masters unit on the brand and also based my research around Dior for my dissertation. I’ve attended three major exhibition, went to as many boutiques as possible and even watched Dior and I film thrice (in cinema and on Amazon Prime). I liked the general team spirit and liked most people I was working with. However, for me it was best to love it from a distance… I have been working at Christian Dior Couture since July 2017 and have managed to extend and develop my skills within luxury client service, operations, administrative, communication and organisation skills. During my annual PCR (within 4months of joining the business), I have exceeded my performance on certain aspects including UPT (1.45/1.35), scarves (£17,000/£16,000), exotics (15 units/3-4 units a month) and client capture rate (94%). A year within my role I have achieved £1 Million in sales and have won …


The MA Strategic Fashion Marketing provided a learning environment in which business graduates could develop both creative and strategic skills in fashion marketing and management. It had an established record of recruiting high calibre international and home/EU students who predominately go on to develop successful middle management fashion marketing careers across the fashion industry spectrum. I did units in: Business Strategies (for Burberry) Branding (for Christian Dior) Research Methodology (in preparation to final dissertation) Collaborative Unit (with Art of Publishing) International Business Strategies (for Manolo Blahnik) Marketing Communications (for Reiss) Masters Dissertation looking at the GCC market & analysing the marketing communications methods in print publications. Main focus was Muslim women as luxury clients and how to utilise the regulations loopholes in advitorial, editorial and advertising Brands that I have also studied across those units included: Louis Vuitton Chanel Prada Gucci Elie Saab Uniqlo Marks & Spencer Styling and Words | Zinah Nur Sharif Photography | Ty Faruki Makeup | Safiyah M Model | Simona Bajorinaite  


I remember transitioning from Burberry to Louis Vuitton, which was quite the change for me. The brands are not even on the same spectrum nor did they have much in common, besides the patent canvas (to which Louis Vuitton uses a more sophisticated method). This is where I have really mastered my skills in luxury fashion, learned about business ventures and models and it really supported my masters course. It is a very fascinating brand to which I am still in wonderment of. It was a pleasure to be part of the Louis Vuitton family and be part of LVMH. Though I yearned to be part of Christian Dior. Admittedly my number one favourite brand to this day. In Louis Vuitton, I was the ready-to-Wear & accessories specialist, strategically building & maintaining client relationships, which also involved developing relations & cultivation. I also assisted with in store events, Client Relations Management data and weekly reports. Role also include in-store administrations (opening,closings & banking), CRM, use of RMS software & assist in morning team trainings.  


I have had the pleasure of working for and with Burberry from 2013 to 2016, where I have learned my first set of skills in luxury fashion and luxury retail business. It was a little alien and strange to have been the only person with the headscarf during my time. However, I have worked with one of the best teams who were supportive, welcoming and friendly. I made great friends whom I am still friends with. Of course it wasn’t all rainbow and sunshine across those three years, but that’s natural and stands true to any work environment. Some of my role included training in-house staff on company products, creating presentation aligned with company guidelines, one-to-one staff training to help improve sales & figures and managing beauty stock, sales, figures and reports. Analyse sales reports and data. Part of my role was to coordinate in-store PR, organise beauty in-store events, hosting beauty refreshers and cultivating guests/clients. Achieved highest Client Value Relations (CVR & CRM) score in London (57%). I’ve learned so much about the Burberry …


Dior article for Aquila Style April 2013 The ‘Dior at Harrods’ exhibition, which wrapped up on Sunday, is a wonderland of Dior’s instantly recognisable colour scheme of grey and white – a theme of ‘French Savoir Faire and British Charm’. It took 18 months to put together, with the creators putting their hearts and souls into showcasing the House of Dior’s history and fashion highlights. The exhibition tells the history behind the fashion house, including the love Christian Dior had for flowers and how the well-known perfume ‘Miss Dior’ came about. A brief history of the notorious Lady Dior handbag, including footage of how it is made, is on display. There’s a whole section dedicated to Princess Margaret (Countess of Snowdon and sister to Queen Elizabeth II), with photographs of her dressed in Dior, not to mention a truly stunning blown up image of the Princess in a Dior ball gown. Although the exhibition is fairly small for such a prestigious fashion house, it still does Dior justice, especially that Harrods is now fully decorated …