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Article for FashionMoodz Modest Elegance You may have come across the terminology ‘modesty’ or ‘modest fashion’. You probably have seen glimpses of articles mentioning the new boom of modest fashion. However, you may not have paid too much attention to it, as it’s generally used for a niche group of women within certain cultures and religions. This is where the origins and importance of modesty gets diluted; tying it to a specific group of people only. Though the word modesty can be used in different context, let’s look at it from a fashion’s perspective. Read more on here.


For FashionMoodz Symbolism of the Handbag Fashion is a form of expressing ones’ individual identity through the means of aesthetics; it’s not essentially about utility. Arguably, it wasn’t about utility until recently, where pockets can not only be seen in ready-to-wear dresses but also couture gowns (thank you Raf Simmons). However, before form, function and practicality aligned with fashion, handbags served those purposes since their inception. An early modern origin of handbags came from the 17thcentury as purses and coin purses, which then evolved into handbags. But we aren’t here to give you a historical lesson about fashion’s favourite accessory products, we would simply like to briefly explore the handbag as a symbolic gesture. Read more here.


For Fashion Moodz Small Pleasures: Fashion’s Simple Pieces Abstract: When it comes to fashion, we often focus on the grandiose and lavish pieces that are theme focused. They bring us great pleasure but in the next season we are yet again seeking another form of very large pleasures from new ‘it items’. Our focus shifts from one trend to another, pursuing a temporary thrill provided by those fashion pieces or trends. But while doing so, we are overlooking the small pleasures in fashion. The pieces that have a staple silhouette, have historical connotations and were once pioneering during their inceptions. The very pieces that will always remain timeless, classic and essential. Read more here.  Styling and Words | Zinah Nur Sharif Photography | Ty Faruki Makeup | Zinah Nur Sharif Model | Zinah Nur Sharif


To Veil Growing up in a European village where I naturally stood out due to my race, people treated me differently and saw me differently. Somehow in their ignorant minds, they could not grasp that there are different races in this colourful world and it bewildered them even more when I started wearing the hijab. It was quiet an experience having to face those kind of people, being asked questions I myself didn’t have answers to back then, getting teased by school kids and starred at by strangers. I knew I was different due to my appearance, but I never understood how I was made to feel different due to my character and personality, when in reality I was just like any other average kid. It vexed me how people had the sense to prejudge me due to a piece of cloth before I even opened my mouth. Of course, in due time I have learned that the hijab is more than a mere piece of cloth; it carries symbolism of religion, culture and even …


Dior article for Aquila Style April 2013 The ‘Dior at Harrods’ exhibition, which wrapped up on Sunday, is a wonderland of Dior’s instantly recognisable colour scheme of grey and white – a theme of ‘French Savoir Faire and British Charm’. It took 18 months to put together, with the creators putting their hearts and souls into showcasing the House of Dior’s history and fashion highlights. The exhibition tells the history behind the fashion house, including the love Christian Dior had for flowers and how the well-known perfume ‘Miss Dior’ came about. A brief history of the notorious Lady Dior handbag, including footage of how it is made, is on display. There’s a whole section dedicated to Princess Margaret (Countess of Snowdon and sister to Queen Elizabeth II), with photographs of her dressed in Dior, not to mention a truly stunning blown up image of the Princess in a Dior ball gown. Although the exhibition is fairly small for such a prestigious fashion house, it still does Dior justice, especially that Harrods is now fully decorated …


24 JULY 2010  Hi everyone…my name is Zinah and I’m a graphic design student, currently in my second year (well not technically, but I’m starting my second year in september…). Anyway, this is the first time I’m blogging, and this is my first post ever! I’ve seen blogs, I’ve read couple of blogs, but I never thought of creating my own blog, until today, really…My inspiration: Julie& Julia…The movie…I just watched the movie couple of hours ago, and I really loved it! Meryl Streep is stunning and I loved her character Julia (not so sure if I’d love the real Julia…) it was just a bliss, and Amy Adams is always a sweetheart and she played her character Julie very well.   Now you may start to think, what on earth Julie& Julia has to do with this blog and if my blog will be about cooking…the answer to the first question is Julie ( I guess the Julie in the movie and the real Julie) inspired me to start my own blog and to …